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Pyros v2.1.0 AAX AU VST2 VST3 x64 WiN MAC

Pyros v2.1.0 AAX AU VST2 VST3 x64 WiN MAC

Pyros v2.1.0 AAX AU VST2 VST3 x64 WiN MAC

Pyros v2.1.0 WiN MAC

P2P | 08 January 2022 | WiN: 38 MB | MAC: 82 MB

Pyros is a collection of aggressive saturation, distortion and mangling effects ideal to destroy and shape your sound in unique ways. We programmed a rich sounding distortion to fit in both vintage and modern music styles.

– 20 Algorithms
– Pre Distortion LF Cut
– Input Biasing
– Bipolar Feedback
– Bipolar Envelope Follower
– Hard / Soft clipping
– Input / Output / Mix controls
– Input / Output metering
– Resizable interface

v2.1 (Mar 2022)
– FIX: Frequency shift when HQ mode is enabled
– BREAKING CHANGE: New plugin name (was The Abuser mkII)

v2.0 (Feb 2022)
– NEW: Updated framework
– NEW: Reworked GUI
– NEW: Persistent GUI settings (via Settings option)
– NEW: LF Cut parameter (before distortion)
– NEW: Bias parameter
– NEW: Input / Output / Mix controls
– NEW: Vector Toolbar
– NEW: Corner resizer
– NEW: More algorithms
– NEW: More presets
– NEW: Drag and Drop license file on registration window
– FIX: Improved Licenser and Online Activation
– CHANGE: Envelope Amount is now bipolar
– CHANGE: Feedback is now bipolar
– CHANGE: Fizz renamed as Hard/Soft Clip
– BREAKING CHANGE: Improved licenser requires a new activation

Pyros v2.1.0 AAX AU VST2 VST3 x64 WiN MAC
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