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Thorn v1.3.0 AAX VSTi VST3 x64 WiN-V.R

Thorn v1.3.0 AU VSTi VST3 macOS-MORiA

Thorn v1.3.0 MAC

MORiA | 03 October 2021 | 128.11 MB

Thorn is a software synthesizer that was designed to be easy to use and deliver awesome sound. In Thorn, being simple means to be straightforward and provide advanced sonic control at the same time. Intuitive workflow, high quality processing modules, light on the CPU, Thorn is ready to be put at the heart of your mix, in any genre of modern electronic music production.

Thorn offers 3 oscillators that utilize spectral synthesis method. This gives you control over all harmonics involved into the generation process of your sound. The oscillator provides sets of spectral and real-time effects to shape harmonics further. Of course FM, RM, PWM, Hard Sync implemented too.

Sound sources organized as spectrum tables of 16 frames with ability to edit and morph harmonics. The spectral synthesis gives ability to “post-process” all the generated harmonics with a special filter to colorize the output. Two multi-mode, analog modeled filters with sensitive saturation stages available to charge your sounds and make it shine through the mix. There are 9 high quality effects, 3x ADSR envelopes, 3x LFOs, 2x multistage envelopes at your service in Thorn. 16-step flexible arpeggiator with MIDI output to generate rhythmic sequences available as well.

Additionally, Thorn provides a grid-based Glitch sequencer for maximum fun. Chop your sounds with the sequencer to get modern glitchy, stuttering effects.

Release notes:
Version 1.3.0 (Sep 17, 2021)
– fixed several crash bugs
– fixed artifacts when using low buffersizexs

Thorn v1.3.0 AU VSTi VST3 macOS-MORiA
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Virtual Guitarist IRON2 v1.0.0 WiN-V.R

Virtual Guitarist IRON2 v1.0.0 WiN-V.R

IRON2 v1.0.0 WiN

Team V.R | 03 October 2021 | 14 MB

(Win64; AAX*, VSTi)

Brushed, polished and better than ever

Pay tribute to the gods of rock with roaring riffs and power chords with version 2.0 of IRON, our legendary Virtual Guitarist. Now completely overhauled and improved: Play your own riffs, choose from a selection of stomp box effects, and enjoy the entirely re-recorded samples and phrases.

No guitar skills necessary
IRON is suitable for all levels of music production experience. Seasoned musicians and composers will be impressed with its sound quality. Beginners will appreciate the frustration-free design speeding up workflows and enhancing the creative process.

Better, harder, louder
Program realistic rock guitar tracks in no time. Curious? Listen to some examples…

Add axe to the equation
Perfect your tone with classic guitar stomp box effects including great-sounding wah, delay, chorus and reverb. Add the final polish with dedicated Finisher multi-FX.

A true rocking workhorse
With sounds ranging from the subtly distorted all the way to raging aggression, Virtual Guitarist IRON is a versatile beast, with over 350 unique phrases in 30 different styles featuring expertly sampled performances from a top session musician. For those that require the extra weight in their guitar parts Drop D tuning and doubling is also available.

Band members
IRON plays perfectly along with Virtual Bassist ROWDY and Virtual Drummer BRUTE. The awesome backline band for your hard-rocking songs.

Features at a glance
With IRON’s zero-headache interface, you will record great sounding tracks in no time.

Stomp boxes
Choose one out of 30 different stomp box combinations. These effects are pre-amp, meaning that the amp and speaker section will dynamically react to your input.

Finisher FX
Finally, also Virtual Guitarist gets a custom designed Finisher knob. Just pick one out of 60 multi-FX chains under the hood for amazing post-amp FX like e.g. ambiences.

What’s in There?
•NEW: Instrument mode, freshly recorded samples and phrases
•30 Styles, over 350 Phrases
•30 Stomp box emulations, 60 Finisher FX Modes
•Drop D and doubling modes for extra fatness

Virtual Guitarist IRON2 v1.0.0 WiN-V.R
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..:: Minimal Techno ::..

Team DYNAMiCS | 05/19/2008 | 1.30 GB

Minimal Techno is comprised of compacted / subtracted club grooves which capture the latest spectrum of sound frameworks used in the scene. With highlights on devious sound anomalies and robust soundscapes. A wealth of options from 75 c-kits, 250 instrument loops, 75 drum kits and 234 knock-out one-shots. Minimal Techno contains 1.6 GB of style accurate leads, pads, bass, drums, stealth elements, spheres and textures. All samples have been refined and designed for minimal techno, electro and tech house but will mesh with parent and sibling genres such as: Glitch, Minimal House, MonoMusic, MicroMusic, Rave, IDM, you name it. The Minimal Techno genre accentuates the resourceful minimalist approach to synthetic club productions. Having stripped down Glitch effects and disjointed contrasts between thematic layers and transitions within a piece. Traditional percussive and other instrumentation randomization is enhanced with microtonal textures and sound incidents.


  • * highspeed timestretching and pitchshifting in best quality
  • * innovative “LoopEye” for fast loop variations
  • * all parameters midi controllable
  • * multiple content management
  • * each product separately installable
  • * mapping tools (automatic slice- & chromatic-map)
  • * save audio of original and modified loops
  • * creation of user presets
  • * filter with “kill function” (-72db)
  • * adaptable to tempos from 10 to 480 bpm
  • * audio engine for quick adaptation
  • * and many many more



Obsession v1.1.1 WiN MAC-R2R

Obsession v1.1.1 WiN MAC-R2R

Obsession v1.1.1 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 01 Oct 2021 | WiN: 66.0MB | OSX: 163.8MB

..:: AUi, VST2i, AAX(MOD) ::..

Obsession brings the power of a great polyphonic vintage synthesizer to your fingertips. It combines the astute modeling of voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), voltage-controlled filter (VCF) and voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) with a comprehensive individual voice control that has never been done before in this detail.

Key features:
– Two part engine with 8 or 16 voice boards.
– Single/Dual/Split modes.
– High-quality effect block with Delay, Reverb and Chorus.
– Precise control of many sound parameters per voice board.
– Stepped LFO with freehand drawing for rhythmic sequences.
– Scalable GUI, Retina-ready.
– Support for Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE).
– 420 patches by leading sound designers.

Obsession v1.1.1 WiN MAC-R2R
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New! Reason v12.2.1 WiN FULL-R2R

New! Reason v12.2.1 WiN FULL-R2R

Reason v12.2.1 WiN FULL

Team R2R | 1 October 2021 | 4.99 GB

(Added Today New R.E | Include Rack Extensions & R2R Tools)

The Reason Rack is one of the most powerful and flexible sound design and beatmaking tools for your music. It’s a virtual studio rack packed full of instruments, synthesizers, drum machines, sound-shaping effects, Player MIDI effects, and mixing tools which come together to make your sound possible.

Inviting, easy to use and with a sound to die for: Reason’s instrument is the true stars of the Reason experience.
– Mimic Creative Sampler NEW
– Grain Sample Manipulator
– Radical Piano
– Europa Shapeshifting Synthesizer
– Thor Polysonic Synthesizer
– Rytmik Drum Machine
– Klang Tuned Percussion
– Pangea World Instrument
– Humana Vocal Ensemble
– Monotone Bass Synthesizer
– Kong Drum Designer
– NN19 Sampler
– NN-XT Advanced Sampler
– Malström Graintable Synthesizer
– Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player
– Redrum Drum Computer
– Subtractor Analog Synthesizer
– MIDI Out Device
– ID-8 Instrument Device

Player MIDI FX
– Beat Map Algorhythmic Drummer
– Scales & Chords
– Dual Arpeggio
– Note Echo

– Combinator Major update
– RPG-8 Monophonic Arpeggiator
– Matrix Pattern Sequencer
– Pulsar Dual LFO
– Mixer 14:2
– Line Mixer 6:2
– Spider Audio Merger & Splitter
– Spider CV Merger & Splitter

From the easy and straightforward to the esoteric and downright complex, Reason comes with all the effects you need.
– Quartet Chorus Ensemble
– Sweeper Modulation Effect
– Master Bus Compressor
– Channel Dynamics
– Channel EQ
– The Echo
– Pulveriser Demolition
– RV7000 MkII Reverb
– Softube Amp
– Softube Bass Amp
– Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit
– Alligator Triple Filtered Gate
– Synchronous Effects Modulator
– Neptune Pitch Adjuster
– BV512 Vocoder
– Audiomatic Retro Transformer
– MClass Equalizer
– MClass Stereo Imager
– MClass Compressor
– MClass Maximizer
– RV-7 Digital Reverb
– DDL-1 Digital Delay Line
– D-11 Foldback Distortion
– ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter
– CF-101 Chorus/Flanger
– PH-90 Phaser
– COMP-01 Compressor/Limiter
– PEQ-2 Two Band Parametric EQ
– UN-16 Unison

Sounds & Patches
Major update
– Huge sound banks with more than 29000 device patches, loops and samples

New in Reason 12
– Mimic Creative Sampler
– Mimic is a fun new sampler for the modern beatmaker and producer. Designed for quick and immediate triggering, chopping, and manipulation of whatever audio you throw at it.

Updated Combinator
– Combine your favorite devices, choose a panel size, change the background color, add a custom background, and the perfect set of controls to build your dream machine.

High Resolution Graphics
– Geek out on crystal clear hyper-realistic devices in the Rack and adapt Reason to your workflow with the new new zoomable interface.

Faster browser
– With a new faster browsing experience you can easily find all your devices, samples and patches, and stay in the creative flow.

R2R Contents:
New Today:
– Reason v12.2.1 WiN FULL-R2R

– Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder.v1.0.1-R2R   <——-NEW TODAY
– WAIFU v1.5.0-R2R
– Root Certificate-R2R

Rack EXTENSiONS Includes:
– Reason Rack RP Varoius Extensions-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Algoritm v1.0.0-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Attention v1.0.0-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack RPSpec v1.0.0-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Electric Bass v1.0.1-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Radical Keys v1.0.0-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Processed Pianos v1.0.1-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Friktion v1.0.2-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Complex-1 v1.0.5-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Studio Maia v2.3.2-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Studio Maia Orange Edition v2.3.0-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Studio Maia Matrix Edition v2.5.1-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Studio Luna v1.8.0-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Aquios X4 v1.0.2 PROPER- R2R  <——-NEW TODAY
– Reason Rack Glacius X v2.0.0-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Helium v2.0.3-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Hydronexius v2.0.0-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Morphine 8 v1.0.3-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Scenic Hybrid v1.1.0-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Umpf Club Drums v1.0.1-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Umpf Retro Beats v1.0.1-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack ReSpire v1.0.7-DECiBEL
– Reason Rack Fat Space v1.0.0-R2R
– Reason Rack DR-1 Deep Reverb v1.1.0-R2R
– Reason Rack DC-2 Dual Chorus v1.1.0-R2R
– Reason Rack AP-12 Analog Phaser v1.0.2-R2R
– Reason Rack AF-4 Analog Filter v1.1.0-R2R
– Reason Rack Antidote v1.2.8 PROPER-R2R
– Reason Rack C670 Compressor v1.0.4-R2R
– Reason Rack E670 Equalizer v1.0.4-R2R
– Reason Rack FRG-4RE Compressor v1.0.4-R2R
– Reason Rack FRG-EEE Equalizer v1.0.4-R2R
– Reason Rack FutzBox v1.0.4-R2R
– Reason Rack GQ-7 Graphic Equalizer v1.6.0-R2R
– Reason Rack Legend v1.2.2 PROPER-R2R
– Reason Rack Moo Q Equalizer v1.0.4-R2R
– Reason Rack Moo Tube Compressor v1.0.4-R2R
– Reason Rack Ninety Vintage Phaser v1.0.2-R2R
– Reason Rack Obsession v1.1.0 PROPER-R2R
– Reason Rack RE-160 v1.0.0-R2R
– Reason Rack RM-1 Ring Modulator v1.0.2-R2R
– Reason Rack VE-3 Vintage Equalizer v1.0.2-R2R

– Record v1.5.1-R2R

Reason v12.2.1 WiN FULL-R2R
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B-3 V v2 2.4.1 1618 WiN-MORiA

B-3 V v2 2.4.1 1618 WiN-MORiA

B-3 V v2 2.4.1 WiN

MORiA | 31 August 2021 | 348.6 MB


The B-3 V delivers the most authentic tonewheel organ and rotary speaker experience you’ll find anywhere, plus customizations that open up new creative opportunities. Monarch of electronic organs, the rich sounding B3 has been a staple of jazz, gospel, rock, reggae and R&B—not to mention pro studios everywhere—for over a half century. Its electromagnetic tonewheel design gave it a beefy quality not found on later transistor organs. Our faithful homage includes an authentic rotary speaker and an array of stomp boxes, plus inspiring updates like analog circuit mods and drawbar modulation for new animated and syncopated effects.

B-3 V v2 2.4.1 1618 WiN-MORiA

KORG Gadget 2 Plugins v2.7.2 AAX VST x64 WiN-RET

KORG Gadget 2 Plugins v2.7.2 AAX VST x64 WiN-RET

KORG Gadget 2 Plugins v2.7.2 WiN

Team RET | 29 Aug 2021 | 3.47GB


Evolving to the next generation. Quickly and intuitively turn your ideas into music. The best music production software & plugins. KORG Gadget is the best all-in-one music production software and plugin collection; the intuitive user interface provides over 40 small synthesizers and drum machines called “Gadgets,” that you can freely combine for music production. Starting with the award winning iOS edition, followed by Gadget for Mac with its powerful plugin collection, now the Gadget plug-ins are now Windows compatible.” With carefully selected parameters and at-the-ready sounds/presets, you can now use various powerful gadgets with your favorite DAW on your Mac/PC. With improved sound and utility efficiency, the second generation KORG Gadget 2 has been further enhanced to include six new gadgets. In addition, the intuitive user interface has been polished to improve ease of use. With the new design, you can now check the status of each track at a glance, an additional four new IFX have been included and you can now smoothly change the tempo as well as fade in/fade out. You can complete your music without losing inspiration, doing all of your work with KORG Gadget 2.

KORG Gadget 2 for Mac Specifications
Number of Gadgets
– Total 40 Gadgets

Number of Songs
– Unlimited (depends on the specifications of your device)

Number of Tracks
– Unlimited (depends on the specifications of your device)
* For the ideal experience, we recommend that you use this with the most recent Mac OS device.
* By using the Freeze function to conserve CPU power, you can use more Gadgets simultaneously.

Master Effects
– Reverb, Limitter

Insert Effects
– Compressor, Side Chain, EQ, Filter, Auto Wah, Phaser, Flanger, Decimator, Delay, Reverb, Feedback Reverb, Enhancer, Exciter, Saturator (Total 14 Insert Effects)

– 1/480

– 20.0 – 300.0

– 0 – 100%

– Supports playing from an external MIDI device
– MIDI over Bluetooth

Audio Export
– Export as MIDI file
– Ableton Project Export Compatible
– Upload to iCloud
– Upload to Dropbox
– Export to iTunes

Other Features
– Ableton Link Compatible
– KORG Gadget 2 Plugins for Mac/PC included

KORG Gadget 2 Plugins v2.7.2 WiN-RET



PadShop Pro v2.0.30 WiN MAC

P2P | 30 August 2021 | Library: 5.51 GB | Plugin: 273 MB

(Win/Mac64; AU, AAX, VST3, VSTi, NKS)

Padshop Pro is an enhanced version of Steinberg’s state-of-the-art VST granular synthesizer and comes with several new effects and opportunities to fit the requirements of professional sound designers and skilled creatives. The Pro version offers the import and manipulation of custom samples in a way that will alter your perception of sound forever.

Exclusive Padshop Pro features:
– Sample import via drag-and-drop for advanced sound design projects and custom presets
– 3-band parametric EQ per layer for clarity and smoothness in the mix
– Algorithmic reverb to enrich your sound with fullness and athmosphere
– 50 new presets with athmospheric pads and evolving sounds

Sample import
– With Padshop Pro, sound designers and creatives can use their own samples and recordings to fuel Padshop’s granular synthesis engine. Record new sounds in Cubase and drag-and-drop the file directly to Padshop Pro to create your individual sound presets. Own samples can also be imported from the MediaBay or via the convenient import browser into Padshop Pro. WAV and AIF formats with a length of up to ten minutes are supported.

The FXpert
With two additional effects, Padshop Pro covers all you need to create your own spectacular granular synthesis presets.
The Pro version comes with a 3-band parametric EQ for each layer. With a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz and a variable Q for the mids, the equalizer lets you increase the clarity and smoothness of your custom presets and gives you the chance to edit the sounds precisely from the first step.

Zero Gravity Expansion Pack
With 250 new presets and a fully loaded new SoftGrain Wave ROM, Zero Gravity is the first expansion pack for Steinberg’s Padshop VST granular synthesizer.

Padshop 2.0.30 Update:
•Fixed possible crash in Cubase when loading
•HALLY-8601 Fixed wrong swing factor after loading presets
•HVIS-8392 Fixed behaviour of Retrigger Mode “First”

PadShop Pro 2 v2.0.30 WiN MAC x64

U-he Zebralette v2.9.3 WiN MAC LiNUX [FREE]

U-he Zebralette v2.9.3 WiN MAC LiNUX [FREE]

U-he Zebralette v2.9.3

FREE | 30 August 2021 | 199 MB

.:AAX, AU, x86, x64, VSTi, VST3:.

Zebralette: easy spectral synth

Zebralette is our version of a Trojan horse. A free synthesizer and an introduction to Zebra2’s fantastic oscillators. Perhaps it will persuade you to try Zebra2 and upgrade. If one oscillator is this powerful, imagine what you can achieve with four… and all the other great features available in Zebra2.

• A single Zebra2 oscillator with a 16-slot waveset. Read more below
• Oscillator waveform editing with geomorph, spectromorph, geoblend and spectroblend modes. Read more below
• 24 spectral effects including filter, sync, scatter, phase distortion and many more
• Polyphonic (up to 16 voices), monophonic and legato modes
• Stereo VCA with pan and volume modulation
• VCA oscillator stacking with adjustable stereo width: single, dual, quad and eleven modes
• ADSR envelope with fall/rise (sustain slope) and velocity controls
• Modulation options including: modwheel, velocity, pressure, breath, key follow, gate and more
• 2 LFOs: one global, one per voice
• A 32-stage MSEG (multi-stage envelope generator)
• 3 built-in effects: chorus/phaser, EQ, delay
• MIDI learn / unlearn of hardware controls (CC)
• Polyphonic aftertouch support
• 300 factory presets
• Scalable UI from 70% to 200%
• NEW in v2.9.3: Support for Oddsound MTS-ESP

• Apple OS X 10.9 or newer
• Windows 7 or newer
• Linux

Host software / DAW
• 1GB RAM, more recommended
• 50MB free disk space
• 1000 × 600 or larger display

Modern CPU required:
• Windows/Linux: Intel Nehalem or newer, AMD Bulldozer or newer
• Mac: Intel Nehalem or newer, Apple M1
• Linux: glibc version 2.28 or newer

Zebralette is not a standalone product, it requires host software. Zebralette is compatible with nearly all DAWs.

• AUv2, VST2, VST3, 64-bit only
• temporarily no AAX (read more)

• VST2, VST3, AAX*
• 32-/64-bit
* AAX requires Pro Tools 10.3.7 or later

Zebralette 2.9.3 (revision 12092)
Native M1 ARM support
• Native support for Apple Silicon chips (M1)
• Improved GUI performance (Mac only)
• Support for Oddsound MTS-ESP
• Improved handling of junction links on Windows
• Preset list scroll direction preference

Fixed Bugs:
• Fixed some old Zebralette presets not loading in Zebra2
• Fixed multiple things in preset browser
• Fixed crash when loading script presets (e.g. Randomizer)
• Fixed rare crash on project reload
• Fixed audio clicks when switching presets

Known Issues:
• Context menus need plugin focus to work (Apple issue)

Special Notes:
• AAX support on Mac removed temporarily (will come back in next update)
• Updated minimum requirements, CPU needs to support SSE4.2 instruction set
• Linux: minimum required glibc version is 2.28 (otherwise plugins won’t show up)
• macOS 32-bit support discontinued

U-he Zebralette v2.9.3 AAX AU x86 x64 VSTi VST3 WiN MAC LiNUX [FREE]–FREE-/

Maschine 2 v2.14.3 UNLOCKED MAC

Maschine 2 v2.14.3 MAC

macOS | 30 August 2021 | 856.48 MB



The included MASCHINE 2 software is exploding with cutting-edge technology. Improved browsing, arranging, and sampling, plus a new mixer, plug-in strip, and exclusive drum synths. Get ready for the most responsive, fluid, and musical beatmaking experience ever.

The new Variation Engine helps add variety and spontaneity to your patterns. Humanize lets you shake off the shackles of quantization and loosen up a drum beat or melody. And Randomize kickstarts new tracks by creating new patterns with random velocities and positions–the perfect tool for spawning new ideas.

Whether you want to experiment creatively or just want to add some improvisation during a live performance, Lock has you covered. Simply freeze your current settings, tweak a sound’s characters, change an envelope, open a filter, and when you’re ready, return back to your initial settings at the press of a button, for up to 64 snapshots. And with the new Morph function, MASCHINE blends seamlessly from one snapshot to the next, making it easy to discover new transitions.

With new MIDI CC capabilities, you can control your MIDI-capable external instruments, like your favorite Magesy® groovebox or Korg synth, as if they were plugins. Simply load the controller template for your device in your MASCHINE software, and you can play with any MIDI-enabled parameters, like tweaking a filter or adjusting a sound’s attack, directly from MASCHINE’s ultra-responsive pads and knobs. To get you started, we’ve built a library of presets for popular devices, which you can find on our Downloads page–and if you can’t find a preset for your favorite synth, it’s easy to build your own.

System Requirements:

  • MacOS: macOS 10.12 or 10.13, Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM


Maschine 2 v2.14.3 UNLOCKED MAC


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