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Hitmaking For Producers TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

Hitmaking For Producers TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

Hitmaking For Producers

Team DECiBEL | 14 May 2021 | 11.54GB

ADD: Missing Video Part

Become a better producer in 30 days. During this one-month class, learn #1 producer Louis Bell’s entire process for crafting hit songs – the same process that has earned him more #1 songs than any other songwriter or producer in the past few years. Finish the class with 2 release-ready songs of your own.

Become a better producer in 30 days
Acclaimed producer Louis Bell teaches you everything he knows in this one-month class, transforming the way you make music. Louis is recognized as the genius producer behind #1 hits for artists like Post Malone, Camila Cabello, Justin Bieber, Halsey, Taylor Swift, and many others. Immerse yourself in his unique process and leave the class with 2 release-ready songs of your own.

Learn through a step-by-step curriculum
Drastically improve your skills through in-depth video lessons, projects, and feedback sessions. It’s a world-class curriculum and unforgettable learning experience designed to level you up.

Pre-class: Onboarding and Introduction
Before class starts, there are few things you’ll need to do to be ready to go on Day 1. Louis Bell explains how to get set up and what you’ll need to have and know ahead of time to get the most out of the class.

Days 1-15: End-To-End Songwriting & Music Production
In this part of the class, Louis walks through his full songwriting and production process by creating an original song in real time, from start to finish. He walks through his entire process of developing a song, including how he writes melodies and lyrics, produces synth, drums, bass, and other instrument parts, uses effects and automation to shape and adjust his sounds, and mixes and finalizes the track. You will follow along with Louis step-by-step and end Part 1 with your own original song.

Days 16-30: Crafting a Song for an Artist
In the second part of the class, Louis demonstrates how to write a song with an artist, working alongside them in the studio to come up with the lyrics, melody, and arrangement. After the song is written and recorded, Louis shows how he produces the track, including his complete vocal production process. You will write and produce a second song by collaborating with an artist, friend, or musician in your life.

Hitmaking For Producers TUTORiAL-DECiBEL
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Learn How to Edit Sound for Movies TUTORiAL

Learn How to Edit Sound for Movies TUTORiAL

Edit Sound for Movies

P2P | 26 December 2022 | 3.86 GB

Language: English | Duration: 25 Lectures ( 4h 2m )

Students will learn how to do sound design for filmmaking & video production by using Cubase and professional scenes. This program will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of cinema through sound. You will learn step by step how to create the sound design of a movie completely from scratch, using Cubase. You will learn with real and immersive scenes to edit and use your imagination to build the sound dimension of a completely professional audiovisual production. This course is designed for sound lovers who want to know how film sound design is actually done.

What you’ll learn:
– What is Sound Design? – Why does sound design exist?
– Where does the sound come from?
– The scene, the screenplay and the sound
– Learn how to use Cubase & Low Frequencies

– You don’t need any requirements

Who this course is for:
– Sound Editors
– Film Directors
– Film Producers
– Sound Engineers
– Music Composers
– Film Score Composers

Learn How to Edit Sound for Movies TUTORiAL
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Recording Guitars Effectively & Efficiently TUTORiAL

Recording Guitars Effectively & Efficiently TUTORiAL

Recording Guitars Effectively

P2P | 23 November 2022 | 1.19 GB

A step by step mini course on how to set yourself up for success to quickly record great sounding guitar takes with less stress and hassle. To be totally transparent, the course is not the fanciest in terms of production. It’s not shot on the most up to date gear but if you’re interested in practical step by step instructions to help you achieve tighter, more professional sounding guitar takes in your home studio without having to buy fancy new gear, this just might be for you. Learn it, apply it, return to it down the road. Ask questions to areas you need more clarification on. You’ll have lifetime access.

In this course you will learn:
•Simple recording techniques to produce great sounding guitar tracks without needing expensive gear or ever needing to search YouTube again.
•How to avoid the pitfalls of beginner recordings thus saving hours of frustration by learning how to create the perfect recording and listening environment before you begin recording.
•How to avoid strain and injury while playing guitar to achieve your best performance.
•How to self produce your guitar performances and develop your own musical ideas.
•How to prepare your guitar ideas before taking them to your band/songwriting team
•How to take your basic knowledge to start a side gig recording other guitar players.
•Simple tricks to write guitar riffs.
•Learn to teach yourself about music by making your own.

Recording Guitars Effectively & Efficiently TUTORiAL
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4D Mixing Method TUTORiAL

FANTASTiC | 22 January 2023 | 719 MB

In this class, I will be teaching the 4D Mixing Method. Which is a way for you as the musician or music producer to create mixes that feel as if they break the boundaries of your speakers. The class consists of several videos but what I will be sharing today is…

Video 1 – 4D ‘Mixing Method’ Overview (Each section/dimension of the method covered as a whole. Think of this of a general introduction)
Video 2 – #3 Secrets to Killer ‘Depth’
(The 3rd Dimension or the main meat and potatoes of the method described). Methods for pulling mix elements forward and further back in a mix utilising a 3D concept that will help you break speaker boundaries with your mixes. Once you understand this concept your mixes will be transformed…
**Update** (Practical Example) #3 Secrets to Killer ‘Depth’ – Added! **

Video 3 – #2 Diva Worthy steps to epic ‘Vibe’ & ‘Vocals’.
(The 4th Dimension) – My step by step ‘road tested’ process on how to get that perfect ‘diva worthy vocal’ performance every time. Finish your sessions, satisfied that you have got everything you need to complete your project. Plus additional techniques that help you push your mixes beyond the bounds of the three dimensions of the sound stage by encompassing vibe.

Video 4 – #1 Hack to massive ‘Height.’
(The 2nd Dimension) – Tricks to define ‘height’ within you mix utilising clever EQ tricks.
**Update** (Practical Example) #1 Hack to massive ‘Height.’ – Added! **

Video 5 – #4 Steps to massive ‘Width.’
(The 1st Dimension) – Technical hacks to create massive ‘width’ within your mixes.
**Update** (Practical Example) #4 Steps To Massive Width – Added! **

New class videos coming soon:
Now the core videos are up, I’ve got some more exciting content planned, keep your eyes peeled. x

Bonus Class Content
Bonus Video – Soundscape Guide (Understanding soundscapes and how to create your own when mixing).
Bonus Video – The Golden Rule of Arrangement (Understanding of how to apply the mathematical formula of the universe to your mixes!). Give your mixes that little bit of extra special sauce…
Bonus Video – Perception: Revealing Hidden Detail (Understanding how different audio codecs and algorithms affect our subconscious perception of sound).

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Piano Basic Foundation TUTORiAL

Piano Basic Foundation TUTORiAL

Piano Basic Foundation

P2P | 03 December 2022 | 1.42 GB

If you are a complete beginner and want to start from 0, then this course is for you! You will learn basic piano skills, reading sheet music, basic musical theory, the importance of counting when playing, hand coordination, the benefits of learning a new instrument and so much more! Also if you are already learning piano and you are at the beginning of your musical journey, then this course is for you! Maybe you heard many times from radio, or from internet, or from social media, songs that you really really love. And always wondered how would those songs sound if you played them. With this course, you have all the materials and information you need in order to play these songs, by learning to read sheet music.

Reading sheet music is one the of the most important skills when you learn piano, because it gives you the freedom to play and learn whatever you want and love. Think of this course as a guide that you will always have by your side, while learning this beautiful instrument. A guide that contains everything you need in order to get some basic piano skills, from information to material that you need for practicing. A guide where I put a lot of passion for piano, passion for teaching, explaining every detail with lots and lots of patience.

What you’ll learn:
•Piano Basic Skills
•Reading Sheet Music
•Basical Music Theory
•The Importance of Counting when Playing
•Adding Nuances
•Hand Coordination
•Reducing Anxiety and Stress Through Learning Music
•Reading Comprehension
•Cultural Knowledge Expansion
•Rhythm Improvement
•Learning a Classical Piece at the End of the Course

Piano Basic Foundation TUTORiAL
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Reason: Designing Bass Sounds

Reason: Designing Bass Sounds

Reason: Designing Bass Sounds

HiDERA | 19 August 2022 | 200 MB

Join DAW expert for a fun, inspiring Reason video course on designing heavy-hitting bass sounds with Reason. As most electronic genres rely on a solid, effective low end, getting your bass tones right is critical, and this tutorial will teach you how to do just that. From house to EDM and more, you’ll find plenty of applications for the techniques and concepts learned in this course. These videos are for Reason users that are new to the concept of sound design. The first stop on this sonic journey is a Europa Sine Reese bass. Thomas demonstrates how, by using phasing and sine compression, you can create an extra-clean distortion that still packs a punch. You’ll then learn how to tweak that sound to create a soft Reese bass, which will fit perfectly in a breakdown section of an EDM or trap production.

Explore a Malström bass next, which Thomas achieves by way of combining wavetables and granular synthesis, resulting in a rich, distorted bass tone with a percussive top end. Also learn how a Monotone house bass sound can be used for house bass stabs by taking advantage of its frequency-modulation abilities.

Thomas finishes off the course by making use of Thor to create a rounder bass tone via the sine shaper and its FM-sounding tone, generated from a saw wave. Check out the descriptions below for a more detailed explanation of each Reason video in the course. It’s time to stop messing around with your low end; get it right once and for all with “Reason: Designing Bass Sounds” now!

Reason: Designing Bass Sounds
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Complete FL Studio Megacourse Beginner to Expert TUTORiAL

Complete FL Studio Megacourse Beginner to Expert TUTORiAL

Complete FL Studio Megacourse

P2P | 20 January 2022 | 14.10 GB

Learn music production with FL Studio! Create like a pro!

Learn how to create and edit music like a pro with this step-by-step course! Have you ever wanted to create your own music? In the era of the bedroom producer, it’s easier than ever to achieve this. Maybe you want to record your song ideas and show them off on social media, or perhaps you want to hone your musical skills to pursue a career in the music industry. Whether you’re already a musician or a complete beginner creating and editing music is not only for the pros. You can take any song idea and turn it into a professional sounding song – and we’re here to teach you how! In this course, you’re going to learn everything about music creation in Image-Line’s FL studio 20, from creating and starting simple projects, to sampling audio, mixing, manipulating audio, and finally to getting your tracks exported in industry standard quality. You’ll even learn multiple methods of using the program for different genres and find the way that will suit your workflow best.

Our instructor has years of experience not only in music production, but also in teaching, and the expertly-crafted syllabus is designed to be easy to follow and thorough. We’ve even included plenty of examples explained and created on-screen for you to study. That’s why this is the only FL Studio course you’ll ever need to create professional and great sounding music!

Start creating your own music today!

Who this course is for:
– Anyone who wants to learn to create music – no experience needed!
– Musicians who want to learn new styles
– Musicians who want to learn the basics of a new DAW
– Anyone with specialised needs (DJs, producers, musicians, audio editors)

Complete FL Studio Megacourse Beginner to Expert TUTORiAL
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