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Plogue Bidule v0.9767 WiN v0.9754 MAC-R2R

Plogue Bidule v0.9782 WiN v0.9754 MAC-R2R

Plogue Bidule v0.97xx WiN MAC

TEAM R2R | 14 November 2022 | WiN: 8.45 MB | OSX: 24.46 MB

…:: AU, VST2, VSTi, STANDALONE, x86, x64 ::…

The brainchild of Plogue Art et Technologie is a cross-platform application that is gaining recognition world-wide as the new standard in modular music software. Bidule is used by thousands of musicians worldwide Bidulists from the all over the world have gathered on the forums at the Plogue Web site to get their questions about Bidule answered, as well as share their music and Bidule inventions.

Key Features:
– Realtime Audio/MIDI/Spectral processing
– Completely modular architecture
– Runs as VST/AU plugin or standalone
– Runs as ReWire mixer or device
– Runs as OSC client and server
– VST/AU instruments and effects hosting
– Building blocks for FX/inst creation
– More than a 100 ready-to-use modules
– Supports multiple tempos at once
– Inter-module parameter linking
– Zoomable OpenGL-based canvas
– Multi-channel audio file streaming
– ASIO/CoreAudio low-latency support
– Offline mode (rendering) available
– Uses 32-bit precision throughout
– Online catalog of ready-made groups

We found the random bomb which invalidates R2R license. If you had problem of expiring license in certain days in previous version, try this one :)

Plogue Bidule v0.9782 WiN v0.9754 MAC-R2R
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EZbass v1.1.6

EZbass v1.1.6 macOS-V.R-RET

EZbass v1.1.6 macOS

Team RET/V.R | 14 November 2022 | FULL: 1.94 GB | UPDATE: 72.72MB

64-bit host (with support for VSTi, AU or AAX). Standalone is included.

MEET YOUR NEW BASS PLAYER: We are proud to introduce the market’s first bass software of its kind. One that goes above and beyond a traditional sample library to deliver not only pristine sound but also fundamental features that effortlessly let you to add bass to your songs.

Two carefully sampled bass guitars– one vintage and one modern.

Arrange, compose, change and rearrange – without leaving the software.

Comes with bass MIDI for a broad range of styles.

Use drum or keyboard MIDI and have EZbass automatically create matching basslines.

Alter the performance or the subtler details of the MIDI using the built-in ‘Grid Editor.’

Audio to MIDI conversion based on the same technology found in Superior Drummer 3.

v1.1.6 Changes:

EZbass v1.1.6 macOS-V.R-RET
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Kit Creator v0.992 WiN MAC

Kit Creator v0.992 WiN MAC

Kit Creator v0.992 WiN MAC

P2P | 07 September 2022 | 18MB

Transform your Sample collection into Sample kits for your sampler! Kit Creator is a program for Windows/Mac that automatically generates Sample Kits of 16 samples for MPC, Ableton Live, Speedrum, TAL-Drum and the free Sitala. You can drag & drop up to 16 Directories that contain samples and assign which Pads they can be used for. If a pad has more than one folder assigned one will be randomly selected. As well as randomizing samples, paramters can also be randomized with definable min/max ranges. currently Volume, Pan and Release Time are supported.

– SOURCE – Up to 16 recursively scanned Folders can be added via drag & drop and each assigned to any Pads.
– TEMPLATES – Add as many existing presets to use as templates for each format as you want. This allows creating complaex presets as a base with effect assignments etc and then the samples and only the samples/selected paramters Kit Creator supports will be changed. You can use a single template, cycle through all, or use a random Template.
– FOLDER ASSIGN – Folders are added via Drag & Drop and scanned recursivley. There are 2 different views for assigning Folders to Pads, the PADS panel allows clicking a pad and selectiong the folders, whereas the FOLDERS panel shows a Matrix for seeing all assignments at once.
– PARAMETERS – This panel allows assigning minum and maximum values for the random values per pad.
– PRESETS – Saving the total state of Kit Creator to a preset is supported, so you can recall different profiles.
– THEMING – The theming system supports 24 definable colours which can be saved as a theme, a few themes are included.
– PROCESSING – This panel is where the export settings are located and the preset creation takes place.
– CREATE – Creates new presets based on the selected settings to all selected formats.
– EDIT – Edits existing presets for randomizing the selected parameters.
– RANDOM NAME GENERATOR – A database of 30,000 words can be used to generate random names which can produce some amusing names. A 3 digit numeric name can also used in conjuction or instead.
– REQUIREMENTS – 64-bit Windows or 64-bit Apple M1/Intel.

Kit Creator v0.992 WiN MAC
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