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Steinberg VST Live Pro

Steinberg VST Live Pro v1.0.10 macOS-V.R

VST Live Pro v1.0.10 macOS

Team V.R | 30 June 2022 | 247 MB


Make your live easier with VST Live, the ultimate live performance system. A unique, stable software solution, it is designed for musicians who want to put on a great show, including sound, lights and video, wherever you are. VST Live comes with a vast array of virtual instruments, sync features for your music, text and chord symbol displaying on other devices, video, Cubase import, MIDI tracks for direct DMX light control and much more. From practicing at home to rehearsing with your band; from solo shows in bars, clubs and at small parties to full band shows and big stage productions, the wide-ranging facilities of VST Live make it the right choice for everyone.

The challenge
When it comes to live performances, today’s audiences have very high expectations. It’s a competitive world out there, so you need to capture the attention of a crowd by delivering a show that everyone will remember. But, unless you have a technical crew, delivering a great live show (sound, lights and video) as well as a great performance can be difficult. This is where VST Live comes in. It not only takes care of the technical production to impress your audience, it supports the onstage musicians as well.

What is VST Live?
VST Live is the core of your live production. Available for both Windows and macOS computers, it lets you set up every aspect of your performance to make the biggest impact. As well as helping you to deliver a great audio production, you can include tracks for instruments, chords, lyrics, stage lighting and videos, staying in complete control of every part of your production. And with its rock-solid reliability, it won’t let you down in front of your fans.

What does VST Live offer?
VST Live has all the functions needed to get your songs ready for the stage. For your sound it includes a vast array of virtual instruments and an integrated sequencer, with synchronization features to keep every beat and bar tightly in time. You can also display song text and chord symbols on other devices, so everybody is literally “singing from the same sheet.” Of course, your lights and video need to be very tightly integrated with the music, so VST Live allows synchronization of lights and offers as many video tracks as you need, ensuring that everything happens at the precise moment it should.

A solution for all situations
Whatever the size of your show, even if you don’t need to synchronize video, lighting or give your drummer a click track, VST Live has such a comprehensive feature set that everyone will find something that makes their life — and their live — easier.

Steinberg VST Live Pro v1.0.10 macOS-V.R
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FLARE/R2R | 13 November 2022 | MAC:198 MB | WiN:136MB

– Alpha.v1.2.3-FLARE
– Chorus.v1.3.0-R2R
– Delay.v1.3.0-R2R
– Dragonfly.v1.0.4-FLARE
– Filter.v1.0.0-FLARE
– Flanger.v1.0.2-FLARE
– Granulizer.v1.1.0-R2R
– Motion.EQ.v1.0.1-FLARE
– Motion.FX.v1.0.3-FLARE
– Omega.v1.1.5-FLARE
– Phase.Mutant.v1.1.1-FLARE
– Phaser.v1.0.2-FLARE
– Reverb.v1.3.0-R2R
– Saturator.v1.0.1-FLARE
– Shimmer.v1.3.0-FLARE
– Slow.Machine.v1.1.1-R2R
– Compressor.v1.0.1.Incl.Emulator-R2R
– Monolit.v1.1.0.Incl.Emulator-R2R
– SideKick.v1.0.1.Incl.Emulator-R2R
Added Today ONLY:
Megalit v1.0.9 Incl Emulator-R2R

– Alpha.v1.2.3.macOS-FLARE
– Chorus.v1.3.0.macOS-FLARE
– Delay.v1.3.0.macOS-FLARE
– Dragonfly.v1.0.4.MacOSX-FLARE
– Filter.v1.0.0.macOS-FLARE
– Flanger.v1.0.2.MacOSX-FLARE
– Granulizer.v1.1.0.macOS-FLARE
– Motion.EQ.v1.0.1.macOS-FLARE
– Motion.FX.v1.0.3.MacOSX-FLARE
– Omega.v1.1.5.macOS-FLARE
– Phase.Mutant.v1.1.1.macOS-FLARE
– Phaser.v1.0.2.MacOSX-FLARE
– Reverb.v1.3.0.macOS-FLARE
– Saturator.v1.0.1.MacOSX-FLARE
– Shimmer.v1.3.0.MacOSX-FLARE
– Slow.Machine.v1.1.1.macOS-FLARE

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Superior Drummer Custom And Vintage SDX Expansion DVDR HYBRiD FULL

Superior Drummer Custom And Vintage SDX Expansion DVDR HYBRiD FULL

Custom & Vintage SDX

Team AudioP2P | 03-15-2010 | 9.78 GB

The Custom and Vintage SDX features extensive stick and brush recordings of a unique collection of drums and cymbals, designed to give everyone from top producers down access to the cream of custom and vintage drums, built by craftsmen from the 1920s right up to the exceptional instrument makers of today. Most of the highly prized instruments that come with this library, like the 1920s Ludwig Black Beauty or the Craviotto Timeless Timber, are extremely hard to come by and can only be found in the collections of top studios or hired from rental facilities in the major music centers of the world.

The Custom and Vintage SDX was recorded through a classic EMI TG mixing console at the noted 2 Khz Studio in London, England. This unique piece of equipment is considered one of the best sounding ever made and has been used in numerous legendary recordings of the early seventies, like The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. All recordings were overseen by Grammy Award-winning engineer Peter Henderson, who started his career training exclusively with legend Geoff Emerick (The Beatles), worked alongside producer Sir George Martin for numerous sessions and went on to record multiple million-selling albums. The drums were sampled by Chris Whitten, widely known for his live or studio work with major artists like Dire Straits, Paul MacCartney, Johnny Cash, Julian Cope, World Party and The Pretenders.

This is the definition of classic, rare, custom and vintage drums recorded to perfection in one of the finest acoustic environments ever built.


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