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RELiC Modern Vinyl Samples Vol.1 WAV-DEUCES

RELiC Modern Vinyl Samples Vol.1 WAV-DEUCES

RELiC: Modern Vinyl Samples

DEUCES | 11 April 2022 | 2.32 GB


Anyone in Hip Hop appreciates the tasteful crackle of vinyl. It’s a welcome throwback to the cratedigging days of sampling unique records and transforming them into fresh bangers. Our love for vinyl is exactly why we set out to compose a collection of modern vinyl samples. Melodies that are equally relevant in today’s market while giving a warm nod to our sampling roots. RELIC is perfect for producers wanting to create records in the same vibe as A$AP Rocky, Kanye, Vince Staples, Bryson Tiller, J Cole, and Drake. It’s like finding an ancient treasure that shines as new.

• 25 Various Modern Hip Hop Melodies Over Vinyl
• 147 Individual .WAV Stems for Ultimate Flexibility
• Accurate Key and BPM Labels for Quick Workflow


RELiC: Modern Vinyl Samples Vol.1 WAV-DEUCES
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Preciosa WAV

FANTASTiC | 14 January 2022 | 27 MB

This release features sax, trumpet, and piano in the key of A minor based on “Senorita” by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes. Every lick featured fits over Am, C, F, Em, or G. This release will introduced professional horns and texture to your next big hit.

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KORG Opsix Native

KORG Opsix Native v1.0.1 macOS MORiA

KORG Opsix Native macOS

MORiA | 11 April 2022 | 425.67MB

..:: AUi, STANDALONE, VSTi, VST3i ::..

Opsix is a digital synth unlike any other, with sounds to match. Instantly explore hundreds of fresh, cutting-edge sounds to inspire your next musical project! Go even further with the power of customization right at your fingertips. Front panel colored controls provide easy access for dramatic shifts in sound characteristics, from icy, sparkling chimes to fuzzy, deep basses. The opsix is an entirely new tool that reveals a world of frequency exploration and a wide range of dynamic possibilities.

Get Illuminated with the Operator Mixer
At the heart of every sound is opsix’s Operator Mixer – a simple set of six faders and knobs that invite exploration. Each part lights up red to indicate a sound or blue for a modulator. Changing the position of these controllers opens up new sound-shaping possibilities to breathe fresh life into your musical ideas. This straightforward, hands-on workflow is part of what makes opsix so unique, just like the sounds it offers.

Direct Hands-On Control
Whether you’re tweaking a preset or building a patch from the ground up, the six data entry knobs on the right give you quick access to the parameters you need and seamlessly sync with the large OLED display, giving you a clear, focused direction to your workflow. Coupled with the mixer, it makes creating fresh sounds super easy and, most importantly, fun!

Select from a full range of analog-style filters, from the radical Korg MS-20 low-pass/high-pass filter to the powerful yet smooth Korg PolySix low-pass filter that gives your sound a vintage feel. There are also two- or four-pole low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject filters with resonance. There’s even a built-in spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope that gives you visual feedback via the screen on the music you’re making.

KORG Opsix Native v1.0.1 macOS MORiA
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Retro Cazio

Retro Cazio

With a name like Retro Cazio, it probably won’t come as any great surprise to learn that SampleScience’s new free plugin emulates an old-school Casio keyboard. Specifically, we’re talking about the MT-100, a 1983 model that generated its sounds using the NEC D931 chip. This was very much an entry-level home keyboard, which explains the 20 toy-like sounds that Retro Cazio includes. There’s also a single drum kit, along with a multi-LFO, high-pass/low-pass filter, reverb, glide, an ADSR envelope and a choice of three voice modes (polyphonic, legato and mono).

Retro Cazio runs as a VST/AU plugin on PC and Mac and can be downloaded for free from the SampleScience website.


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