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Complete v13 29.11-21_WiN MAC

Complete v13 29.11-21_WiN MAC

Complete v13 WiN MAC

WiN (V.R Patch) / MAC | 29.11.2021 | WiN:7.28 GB / MAC:6.44 GB

What’s New In V13
Native M1 Compatibility with ARM Silicon computers. See full list of supported DAWs

Compatibility for all DAWs providing Windows 11 support

Scheps Omni Channel, Abbey Road RS124 and Kaleidoscopes now with ultra-sharp HiDPI GUIs

Ongoing improvements, bug fixes, and additional updates. See full list of updates

Release Notes:
Complete v13 29.11.21 WiN MAC
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Divisimate v1.3.2 macOS-SPTNDC

Divisimate v1.3.2 macOS-SPTNDC

Divisimate v1.3.2 macOS

SPTNDC | 31 October 2021 | 24.9 MB

Realtime MIDI Divisi Engine

Divisi Engine
Split your performance into its musical voices and send them each to separate tracks in your sequencer.

Live Orchestration
Perform and record small to large virtual ensembles with detailed voicings and instrumentations directly in your DAW – in one take.

Full Control
Transpose parts, change articulations, dial in human imperfections and create multilayered arrangements.

Build your personal workflow
• Customize your presets to perfectly fit your own template and instruments
• Stay flexible and switch seamlessly between Divisimate and your original workflow
• Change orchestrations quickly during performance without touching the DAW

Divisimate v1.3.2 macOS-SPTNDC
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Studio FX v1.4.1 macOS-SPTNDC

Studio FX v1.4.1 macOS-SPTNDC

Studio FX v1.4.1 macOS

SPTNDC | 31 October 2021 | 1.4 GB

.: AU, VST, VST3 :.

The following 15 effects just got an update to version 1.4
– Solid Mix Series: Solid Bus Comp, Solid Dynamics, Solid EQ
– Reverb Classics: RC 24, RC 48
– Vintage Compressors: VC 160, VC 2A, VC 76
– Premium Tube Series: Enhanced EQ, Passive EQ, Vari Comp
– Driver
– Supercharger, Supercharger GT
– Transient Master

– ADDED VST3 plug-in target
– ADDED macOS Big Sur compatibility
– ADDED Rosetta 2 Apple Silicon support
– ADDED User tracking
– ADDED Display plugin target in about screen (AU/AAX/VST/VST3)
– REMOVED 32 bit VST plug-in targets on Windows
– REMOVED Links to the discontinued activation tool Service Center
– REMOVED Installation of manuals and corresponding menu entry
– FIXED Modal dialog windows would sometimes crash the plug-in UI on Big Sur
– FIXED Adjusting knobs via mouse is not possible on Big Sur in AU plug-in targets
– FIXED User Presets with Unicode characters not saved and displayed correctly
– FIXED Turning autoscaling off in Ableton Live on Windows leads to UI glitches
– FIXED Turning autoscaling on in Cubase on Windows leads to UI glitches

And additionally for RC24 and RC48:
– FIXED Bitwig Studio freezes when browsing through presets

Studio FX v1.4.1 macOS-SPTNDC
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