Flare | 16 August 2020 | 8.61 GB

CHAOS is officially the largest melody collection created in Cymatics history, with 500 royalty free melodies (stems + MIDI included). This is our ultimate set of melodies for taking your career as a producer to the highest level possible, allowing you to easily put together hit records that are artist-ready out of the gate. Overall for Hip Hop producers, this is by far the most diverse & valuable collection of melodies we’ve ever released!

MAYHEM: Premium 808s
The perfect 808 shouldn’t need a ton of processing and effects to make it hit hard. That’s why we put together this collection of industry standard 808 samples, all key labeled and processed ahead of time, so getting heavy low end is only a click away! Pairing these with the melodies from CHAOS, and the drums from DOOM & RIOT, you’ll find yourself making hit records with ease. What we ended up with was the only set of 808’s you’d ever need for creating any type of track that you have in mind.

DOOM: Hip-Hop Drum Kit
DOOM is easily one of our highest quality drum packs to date, with some of the hardest hitting one shots to bring your tracks to life! This pack contains tons of heavy punching kicks, crisp snares and claps, sharp hi-hats, percs, fx, and more. We tailored this pack to supply you with the ultimate set of drums for creating placement ready beats, alongside the premium melodies in CHAOS. No more endlessly searching for the right drum sound, because everything you need is in this one collection, pre-processed and ready to go!

KARMA: Premium Analog Melodies
Classic synthesizers have always been untouchable when it comes to the amount of character and emotion that they are able to convey. And a lot of the industry’s biggest producers use them all the time, resulting in a completely unique sound that resonates in some of the biggest records to date. So to pair perfect with CHAOS, we put together this collection of amazing synth samples to make your production stand out from the rest! These melodies were creating using the same hardware as LEGENDS!

RIOT: Hip-Hop Drum Loops
Our team of producers crafted some of the most industry ready Hip-Hop drum loops we’ve ever put out. RIOT comes loaded with full drum loops, hi-hat loops, percussion loops, top loops, and more! The loops are all drag and drop ready for optimizing efficiency in a session, and not to mention, every loop comes pre-processed to sound amazing out of the box. These drums are perfectly paired to the melodies in CHAOS, and are great for creating a new idea in no time!

CHAOS Hip-Hop Mixing Course
We surveyed our community of producers and asked what producers wanted to improve on the most in their production… And the majority of producers said that mixing was their biggest issue. So we put together a course for mixing your tracks to an industry ready quality, with one of our top producers! This is the ultimate cherry on top of the rest of CHAOS, perfect for making your tracks as professional as possible!

CHAOS Platinum Expansion
This pack is a limited expansion of CHAOS, with exclusive melodies that we won’t release anywhere else ever again! The CHAOS Platinum Expansion pairs perfectly with the main pack, giving you tons of more melodies to work with. This is easily the most industry ready expansion pack that we’ve ever put together, loaded with a variety of amazing placement ready samples to work with. You’ll also have the ultimate creative freedom to break down each melody, piece by piece to its original stems. So take advantage of this one-time opportunity to get the CHAOS Platinum Expansion while you still can!

CHAOS: Premium Hip Hop Samples
· 500 Melodies
· 500 MIDIs
· 1762 Loop Stems

CHAOS Platinum Expansion
· 50 Melodies
· 50 MIDIs
· 175 Loop Stems

MAYHEM: Premium 808s
· 30 808s

DOOM: Hip-Hop Drum Kit
· 21 Claps
· 12 Crashes
· 22 FX
· 16 Hihats Closed
· 11 Hihats Open
· 20 Kicks
· 46 Percussion
· 11 Rimshots
· 7 Snaps
· 13 Snares

KARMA: Premium Analog Melodies
· 20 Loops
· 20 MIDIs
· 85 Loop Stems

RIOT: Hip-Hop Drum Loops
· 15 Full Drum Loops
· 20 Hihat Loops
· 19 Hihat MIDI
· 17 Percussion Loops

CHAOS Hip-Hop Mixing Course
· 10 Part Video Course


Physical Modeling Explored TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC

Physical Modeling Explored®

FANTASTiC | 15 June 2021 | 637 MB

What exactly is Physical Modeling and what can it do for your music? Join audio expert in this course to find out! Physical Modeling simulates the properties of acoustic sound sources, such as string, brass or wind instruments. With physical modeling instruments, complex mathematical algorithms are used to generate the sound, but thankfully, you don’t have to be a math genius to use them. In this course, synth expert Joe Albano takes a look at this unique synthesis method, and gives an overview of different software and hardware instruments that use it.

Physical Modeling Explored TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC

Vocal Processing in FL Studio 20 TUTORiAL

Vocal Processing FL Studio 20

P2P | 8 September 2020 | 590 MB

In this course you will learn how to do vocal processing professionally using stock plugins and 3rd parties vst in FL Studio. Don’t Worry if you have zero knowledge about Daw, I will teach you in English language with very easy method and Your knowledge will get enhance from basic level to Intermediate one. End of the this course you can make advance level of vocal processing for your Songs. If you have any doubts then you can text me personally.

In this coarse, we have 6 Lectures:
•Lecture 1 ( Preview video)
•Lecture 2 ( Making of chords)
•Lecture 3 (Making Of Baseline)
•Lecture 4 (Making of hihats)
•Lecture 5 (fill song- snap+clap+shakers)
•Lecture 6 (Making of drums)

What you’ll learn:
– You are going to learn how to do vocal processing in FL Studio

Vocal Processing in FL Studio 20 TUTORiAL


How To Make AMAZING Beats

P2P | 8 September 2020 | 580 MB

..:: The Basic of FL Studio ::..

Hi! Welcome to Your course of FL Studio! I am going to show you the way how to start working with beatmaking program FL Studio. After this course You will be able to operate with FL Studio user interface easily and create your own beats! That sounds amazing! Show yourself by doing music beats! Also, I am going to provide online support for my student. Do not hesitate to write me down. I will help you to create your own beat even in Online! Let’s create out own community!

What you’ll learn:
•I am going to show you the way how to start working with beatmaking program FL Studio.
•Fl Studio Interface
•First Aid Plugins
•Mixers and Automation



Vocal Warm Ups For An Awesome Voice

P2P | 18 November 2019 | 824 MB

This course Includes a detailed explanation on what vocal warm ups are and what it does to your voice. Afterwards we dive into a series of guided vocal warm ups that will help you get ready to sing that song you have always wanted to sing. These exercises are made so you can just pull them out and do them every day before you start singing more demanding stuff. If you don’t have a piano or if you aren’t able to play piano, this course is really good for you, since the exercises will be played for you so you can easily follow them. In that way you will never need a piano to be able to practice singing.

What you’ll learn:
– How to warm up your voice properly before you sing
– Eliminate vocal strain and increase your range
– Make sure you don’t hurt yourself while singing

Vocal Warm Ups For An Awesome Voice TUTORiAL


Cinema Sound TUTORiAL

Team DECiBEL | 05 Sep 2020 | 42.29 GB

Total Time: 86h 28m

In this detailed course, seasoned audio guru guides you through every aspect of sound that you’ll ever need to know as a filmmaker. Recording, dialogue, sound effects, foley, ADR, mixing, fixing – it’s all here for you to master in the most comprehensive audio-for-film series ever created.


  • Recording: Process, Perfection, and Purpose
  • Recording: Rules of Recording
  • Recording: Microphones & Other Weapons
  • Recording: Lavaliers and Other Munitions
  • Recording: Sonic Booms & Advanced Microphone T…
  • Recording: Recorders, Roll Sound, Now What?
  • Recording: Solving Issues on Set – An Antholog…
  • Recording: The Review
  • Recording: Shoot the Scenes
  • How Microphones are Made
  • Edit: Advanced Editing I
  • Edit: Advanced Editing II
  • Edit: Advanced Editing III
  • Edit: Final Edit
  • Edit: Export
  • Edit: SFX Editing Basics
  • Fix: Resurrecting Dead Audio Basics
  • Fix: Killing the Noise and Artifacts I
  • Fix: Killing the Noise and Artifacts II
  • Fix: Advanced Dialogue Cleanup I
  • Fix: Advanced Dialogue Cleanup II
  • Fix: Multiple Issues, Multiple Solutions
  • Fix: Dialogue to the Cleaners I
  • Fix: Dialogue to the Cleaners II
  • Fix: Dialogue to the Cleaners III
  • Fix: ADR Recording & Revolution
  • Fix: ADR Mixing
  • Fix: Dialogue Editing, Mixing & Export I
  • Fix: Dialogue Editing, Mixing & Export II
  • Fix: Dialogue Editing, Mixing & Export III
  • Fix: Killing the Noise & Artifacts in Adobe Au…
  • Effects: An Intro to Sound Effects
  • Effects: Foley, Folks and Fun
  • Effects: Tips, Tricks and Terror
  • Effects: Loop Groups
  • Effects: Sound Effects Recording
  • Effects: Advanced Microphone Techniques
  • Effects: Basic Crunching of Recorded SFX
  • Effects: Advanced Crunching of Recorded SFX
  • Effects: Misusing Software for the Best Result…
  • Effects: The Art of Layering SFX
  • Effects: Ambiences
  • Music: Music, Emotion and Moving Pictures
  • Music: Choosing the Right Music
  • Music: Choosing the Right Music II
  • Music: Music Editing
  • Music: Music Editing II
  • Music: Working with the Composer
  • Music: The Process of Writing Music
  • Music: Better & Best Examples In Scenes
  • Mix: The Basics of Being a Master Mixer
  • Mix: Master of Plugin Effects I (Reverb)
  • Mix: Master of Plugin Effects II (Delay Effect…
  • Mix: Master of Plugin Effects III (Special Eff…
  • Mix: Master of Plugin Effects IV (Dynamic Effe…
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Dialog I (Basics)
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Dialog II (ENG & Donuts Mi…
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Dialog III (Action Mix)
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Dialog IV (Macbeth Mix)
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Dialog V (Beach Mix)
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Ambiences I (ENG & Action …
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Ambiences II (Donuts, Macb…
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Sound Effects
  • Mix: Master Mixer: Foley I (Macbeth Mix)
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Foley II (Action Mix)
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Foley III (Donuts, ENG & B…
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Music I (Theory & Macbeth …
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Music II (Donuts, ENG, Bea…
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Integrate and Tweeze I (EN…
  • Mix: Master Mixer – Integrate and Tweeze II (A…
  • Mix: Conform & Control Yourself
  • Mix: Mastering & Export
  • Mix: Downmixing, Organization & Cheating
  • Mix: The Mixing Breakdown
  • Mix: Internet Mixing, Loudness & Cheating
  • Workspace: Home Studio – Basics
  • Workspace: Home Studio – Advanced Knowledge
  • Inspiration: Inspiration, Vocation & Dedicatio…
  • Inspiration: Examples to Inspire



Dirty House Ultra Pack MULTiFORMAT-P2P

Dirty House Ultra Pack MULTiFORMAT

P2P | 03.06.2016 | 1.76 GB

The New ULTRA PACK series contains absolutely everything needed for modern producers, from high quality wav samples, vocals, patches, templates, videos and tutorials! This brilliant collection of samples is suitable for producers of House, Power House, Bassline, G-House, Bass House, Wobble House, Classic House, Future House, Techno, Deep House and a lot more! In detail expect to find 2.24 GB of wav 24 bit samples at 125 BPM including 300 Drum Hits, 100 Bass Loops, 50 Percussion Loops, 100 Drum Loops, 100 Synth Loops, 180 VST Synth Patches (60 Massive Patches, 60 Spire Patches, 60 Sylenth Patches), 200 Midi Files, 350 Rex2 Files, 160 SFX, 40 Vocals Shouts, 30 Templates for Ableton 8+Cubase 5+FL Studio 11+Logic Pro XBitwig 1.3.5+, 20 Master Templates (DAW Internal plugins/Izotope 5/Izotope 6/Izotope 7), 10 Track Templates, 6 Video Tutorials, 9 Sampler Patches and unlimited inspiration!

And remember – it’s not a sale pack and it’s not a collection of previously released packs!!! It’s a completely new DIRTY HOUSE ULTRA PACK based on “all inclusive” materials! Just think about it – a revolutionary 2.24 GB of super quality samples, with everything you may need to produce a great House track and push up your producer skills.

Also, contained inside the Full Pack formats (Full Zip, Ableton Pack, Apple Loops Pack and Reason Refill) is a special PROMO folder inside with a secret link to free samples from Singomakers as well as a special DISCOUNT CODE on our HOT and Top Rated VST plugin “Magic Stereo” which is actively used by Hardwell, W&W, Dannic, Futuristic Polar Bears, Swanky Tunes, Flosstradamus, Bart Claessen, D.O.D, Joachim Garraud, Rezone, Maddix, and a lot more!

The Revolution has come! Don’t miss this amazing DIRTY HOUSE ULTRA PACK and grab your copy today!

Tech Specs:
– 24 Bit Quality
– 2.24GB
– 100 Bass Loops
– 300 Drum Hits
– 100 Drum Loops
– 100 Bass MIDI Files
– 100 Synth MIDI Files
– 50 Percussion Loops
– 350 Rex2 Files
– 9 Soft Sampler Patches for EXS24, Kontakt & NNXT
– 160 SFX
– 100 Synth Loops
– 30 Templates for Ableton 8+Cubase 5+FL Studio 11+Logic Pro XBitwig 1.3.5+
– 20 Master Templates (DAW Internal plugins/Izotope 5/Izotope 6/Izotope 7)
– 10 Track Templates
– 6 Video Tutorials
– 40 Vocal Shouts
– 180 Synth Presets for Massive, Spire & Sylenth

Dirty House Ultra Pack MULTiFORMAT-P2P

260 Drum Machine Patterns PDF

260 Drum Machine Patterns PDF

English | 97 pages | PDF | 63 MB

In this book, you will find over 260 rhythm patterns and breaks. These are original patterns that can be programmed easily on any drum machine. This book contains the rhythms most often used in contemporary music, and many patterns incorporate flams, to be used on the latest generation of drum machines.

260 Drum Machine Patterns PDF

Jungle Production Fundamentals

P2P | Dec 07 2016 | 1.66 GB

Nomine (aka Andrew Ferguson) is a hugely experienced Producer, DJ and audio engineer whose journey through the UK’s dance music scene began over 20 years ago. Initially known as Outrage, Andrew was one of the pioneers of the jungle sound, DJing on Rinse FM in the station’s early pirate days and releasing tracks on Goldie’s Metalheadz label.With his more recent music now appearing on labels such as Tempa, Dubzilla Recordings and his own Nomine Sound, alongside lecturing at the University of Bedfordshire and SAE, you can trust in Nomine to deliver a truly insightful, and infinitely useful, series of tutorials on Jungle production.

With over five hours of comprehensive videos, this massive course will teach you all of the ins and outs of creating Jungle, the fast paced and instantly recognisable genre that’s been tearing up dancefloors since the early 90s. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the classic sounds that can be found in countless tracks, as well as a detailed look at Nomine’s meticulous approach to engineering and refined production methodology. Not content to just show you what he does, the course is also packed with workflow tips and tricks to transport your production abilities to the next level.

Jungle Production Fundamentals TUTORiAL

Advanced Bass Music

P2P | Dec 07 2016 | 1.32 GB

…::: Production Techniques :::…

Take your production skills to the next level, with this course from acclaimed UK producer Seppa. Following the release of his hard hitting, sci-fi influenced Homonculus EP, Seppa is here to give you a thorough breakdown of the advanced techniques he uses to create his genre-hopping style, which will move your feet, and blow your mind. Demonstrating extensive sound design techniques, Seppa drills down into the fine control of different synthesisers, radical sampling and resampling, and demonstrates a high-tech approach to mixing and fx. Next, he creates the melodic ideas, drums and percussion elements and finally mixes and arranges the track. Included with the course is the completed Ableton Live project, as well as over 200MB of bonus samples courtesy of Loopmasters for you to use in your own productions! Check out the sample module and module descriptions below.

8 Tutorials Details:
Module 1: Creating the Bass Sound
In the first module, Seppa dives straight into creating the bass sound using Operator.

Module 2: Bass Processing
Next, Seppa demonstrates his high tech approach to processing, using multi-stage EQ and FX and frequency specific saturation.

Module 3: Bass Recording
To create a library of bass samples, Seppa records the bass synth whilst altering its parameters in real time, creating unusual and exciting sounds.

Module 4: Radical Sampling with Simpler
In this module, Seppa shows you how to take an existing loop and alter it to create a range of twisted sounds using LFOs, and then capture the new samples.

Module 5: Extra Sound Design
In the final sound design module, Seppa first demonstrates how to prepare a clip for resampling. Next, he uses to resample the clip, creating new sounds.

Module 6: Core Creation
In the second section, Seppa starts to create the track, beginning with the drum and percussion elements and a fuzzy sub.

Module 7: Composition
In this extensive module, Seppa creates the additional parts of the track, an arpeggiated melody, new bass sound and a break-down style section.

Module 8: Arrangement and Mixing
In the final module of the course, Seppa arranges the track and shows how to refine it through various mixing techniques.

Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques TUTORiAL


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