Blues Guitar TUTORiAL

P2P | 31 August 2019 | 997 MB

Learn to play blues guitar like a pro.

Blues Guitar Master Class!, Course is for beginners all the way to advanced students looking to improve their knowledge of blues guitar. These blues guitar rhythm lessons start with playing a traditional shuffle, but take it to the next level. In addition, you will also learn to develop a foundation for playing blues lead guitar. We start with learning the blues scale, and learn how to improvise solos in every key. This will help improve your guitar playing and give you a better understanding of the notes on the neck.

Learn some of the most popular blues guitar riffs, the real way they are played – not a generic wanna be blues guitar style. Learn to play like BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughan and much more!

What you’ll learn:
– Sound great playing blues guitar
– Learn a wide range of blues rhythm and lead techniques!

Blues Guitar: Basics and More, Learn Rhythm and Lead Guitar TUTORiAL


Learn FL Studio 20 Basics TUTORiAL

P2P | 02 September 2019 | 3.93 GB

…::: Beginners Course :::…

If you’re looking for a course to teach you THE RIGHT WAY on how to use FL Studio, you’ve finally found it! This is THE COURSE to take in regards to FL Studio Beginner Courses! I have been actively involved in this music industry by writing TONS of audio articles, creating many videos, and answering thousands of students questions over the years. Here’s your opportunity to learn FL Studio with BEST PRACTICES!

What you’ll learn:
– Learn the basics of FL Studio and fundamentals
– How to Produce Music on a Computer
– How to create a beat from scratch in FL Studio
– Learn the main windows and powerful keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.
– Get the best performance out of FL Studio (ASIO Drivers, and other settings)
– How to add and use third-party sounds into FL Studio 20
– How to use FL Studio’s Step Sequencer
– How to use the FL Studio Mixer (signal flow and audio signal routing)
– Learn the absolute best way to use FL Studio 20 in this course.
– Edit MIDI notes and quantize for easy editing
– Arrange and structure a song and tips to speed up your song building process

Learn FL Studio 20 Basics TUTORiAL


FL Studio 20 Intermediate Course

P2P | 02 September 2019 | 4.99 GB

This course is LASER-FOCUSED to intermediate FL Studio producers. Producers who already know how to make beats, but struggle with mixing, arrangement, and mastering. A lot has changed in recent years of music production in terms of the loudness wars, loudness normalization (LUFS), and the information needed to produce high-quality music with BEST PRACTICES. If you’re tired of seeking for information which never has all the details about all aspects to prepare a song for commercial release, you have landed on the right page.

We cover everything from:
•Gain staging + Overall Balance (and debunking some common myths with gain staging)
•How and when to use EQ and Compression (also when NOT to use EQ/Compression)
•Mixing this track from beginning to end!
•Setting up Subgroups + Sends for a quick workflow, while taking advantage of parallel routing
•Building Out the Song Structure (We actually arrange the beat, talk about different approaches, and introduce you to a term GratuiTous has coined over the years called Audio Painting™.)
•Mastering: Preparing Your Track for the World! (What’s the goal of mastering, understanding the loudness wars/loudness normalization (LUFS), my personal mastering chain and mastering plugins •which will achieve your desired result of that commercial sound!)
•How to properly export your song to get the best quality in FL Studio
•Staying organized for the long-term as a music producer

This course will truly be the tipping point for those of you who have been producing for 3-4 years and are ready to understand what it takes to prepare your tracks as a commercial release.

FL Studio 20 Intermediate Course TUTORiAL


Mastering Metal Mixing Fundamentals

FANTASTiC | 02 September 2019 | 3.02 GB

An Essential Education For Every Mixer, No Matter The Genre.

Mastery of compression, EQ, reverb, and effects is essential for every mixer no matter the genre. Mastering Metal Mixing: Fundamentals will show you how to apply those fundamentals to metal’s unique challenges. In this class Eyal will show how you can use EQ in Pro Tools to carve out space for every element in the mix. You’ll learn how to mix all the typical elements of a metal song: vocals, bass, guitar, drums, synths and effects. He’ll also teach you how to use bussing, compression, and effects to help drums, vocals, and guitars cut through the track without overpowering it. Tune in to Mastering Metal Mixing: Fundamentals and learn how to fit everything into a metal mix.

Mastering Metal Mixing Fundamentals TUTORiAL


Mastering Essentials FL Studio

FANTASTiC | 02 September 2019 | 215 MB

Well known for its unique pattern-based workflow, FL Studio is also an amazing DAW for mastering. Discover the power of FL Studio’s mastering tools in this course, by producer and trainer! A common myth among producers is that if you’re thinking about mastering music, you need a studio full of expensive analog gear. The truth is it’s possible to get pro-sounding master “in the box”… as long as you know how to use your tools. In this 18-tutorial course, FL Studio expert Rishabh Rajan teaches the subtle art of mastering using FL studio. Rishabh starts the course by demystifying the “dark” art of mastering. You discover the different goals of mastering, and you learn how to prepare your mix for this crucial final step. During the course, Rishabh covers the mastering engineer toolset in detail. You learn how to EQ, compress, and limit your audio to get a professional sounding master. Saturation, Transient Processors, Reverbs and Stereo Wideners are also explained and demonstrated. The third-party plugin iZotope Ozone is also explored in the final videos.

So join the amazing course, and learn to add the final touches and polish to your music!

Mastering Essentials FL Studio TUTORiAL


Hip Hop Beats For Beginners

P2P | 03 September 2019 | 446 MB

…::: Logic Pro X :::…

Learning the basics of how to create music in Logic Pro X will help you to make money from selling your music to recording artists, TV & Film Companies, Podcast Shows, Advertising Companies, Video Games, and more! This course will also help you save time trying to learn Logic Pro X on your own and increase your productivity.

Logic Pro X Tutorial: Learn The Software & Create Music is designed to help you learn everything you need to produce music in Logic Pro X. After completing this course your will be able to:
– Navigate within Logic Pro X
– Use Key Commands to save time
– Use MIDI to create your own melodies & drum patterns
– Create your own new sounds
– Edit & customize the Drummer in Logic
– Use Apple Loops
– And much, much, more!
– This course is designed to help the beginner Logic Pro X user quickly get started creating music in the program!

Contents and Overview
In over 1 hour of content including 22 lectures, this course covers both the technical & practical applications of using Logic Pro X.
Broken down, Logic Pro X was designed to help creators produce music professionally. So in the first section is all about productivity. We will cover the basics of what this program has to offer, how to navigate, and key commands you can use to quickly operate Logic Pro X. The second section is all about functionality. So you will learn the basics of MIDI, why it is the best way to create, and how to use it to connect external devices to the program. The third section is all about sound design. So we will cover several ways to edit and save sounds found in Logic Pro X and even use the ESX24 Sampler to create your own drum kits. The last section is all about practical application. So you will learn how to record, edit, use the drummer & Apple Loops to create your own music in the software. There is even a live example at the end showing you how to apply the various techniques taught in this course!

This course is perfect for any up coming music producer, songwriter, composer, or artists that wants to learn how to use Logic Pro X to make their own music.

What you’ll learn:
– Start a new project.
– Understand and access all the major functions of Logic Pro X.
– Access Logic’s Sound Library.
– Quickly get started making music.
– Load and save projects.

Learn How to Make Hip Hop Beats For Beginners Logic Pro X TUTORiAL


Groove & Rhythm Full Course

P2P | 03.09.2019 | 5.07 GB VIDEOS + 1.1 GB MATERIAL

– This course is entirely dedicated to building professional sounding drum loops for modern electronic music! – Do you want your drums to sound club ready and “less amateur”? – Learn how to build interesting beats with varying velocity patterns, adding swing and bounce with groove presets and how to tweak and adjust every sample with ADSR. – You’ll be provided with all the basics about groove. Then, we’ll jump into easy to follow practical sessions, where we create multiple beats, loops and patterns from scratch! + Plus: The files used in this online course will be available in the download section – so can can follow along easily and understand not only WHAT we do, but WHY we do it and replicate it on your own computer.

What you are getting:
✓ Complete online-course with theoretical basics & full on practical sessions
✓ Many starting points for your very own Techno, Melodic Techno, House and Tech-House grooves
✓ Full 3h+ Groove Course
✓ 25+ lectures
✓ 6 full drum groove kits and 100+ Drum Samples to follow along
✓ Lifetime-access

This course is for you, if you are…
…not finding the right samples and waste hours browsing your sample packs
…coming up with cool grooves, but they sound static and just not professional enough
…not fully aware of the groove pool and it’s advantages or adding swing manually
…never really sure how to tweak your samples with ADSR to make them fit the beat
…not completely familiar with the concept of velocity, how to add human feel or how to build interesting velocity patterns

What you will learn from this course:
✓ turning your basic beat into a professionally sounding loop
✓ creating interesting patterns using a variety of techniques
✓ learn the concepts of velocity
✓ learn the concepts of applying swing & groove
✓ learn how to tweak your samples using ADSR
✓ polyrhythms
✓ understanding the Drum Rack
✓ concept of weak and strong beats
✓ applying groove on MIDI and Audio files
✓ many practical examples

Groove and Rhythm Full Course TUTORiAL


Logic Pro X Making Beats TUTORiAL

P2P | Sept 27 2017 | 2.9 GB

Make yourself heard. Start making music with Logic Pro X. Author and Logic Pro insider walks through every facet of basic drum programming and beat making in Logic Pro, including choosing the right drum kit for the beat, recording, arranging, and quantizing. She shows off Drummer, the intelligent drum feature, for creating beats automatically. She then moves into Ultrabeat, Logic’s built-in drum machine, and shows how to step sequence, design your own sounds, use your own samples, and create glitchy effects with the instrument. Then Dot dives deeper into making beats. She demonstrates how to make your own Apple Loops, time-stretch, quantize, and regroove audio as well as how to best add swing to your beats, fatten your sounds with drum replacement, and slice your samples. She then focuses on techniques specific to electronic music, including warping a beat with Space Designer and making DJ turntable effects with speed fades, and some retro groove tricks, including creating a human drummer feel with the Transform Editor and editing gate time. Dot wraps up the course by looking at a few more of the new beat making features in Logic Pro X, including the Arpeggiator and other MIDI plugins.

Topics include:
•Choosing the drum kit
•Making beats with Drummer and Ultrabeat
•Sound designing your kits
•Making stutter vocal effects
•Rocking out with Apple Loops
•Time-stretching, slicing, and sampling audio
•Making groove templates
•Warping your beat with Space Designer
•Sidechaining the compressor with your kick

Logic Pro X Making Beats TUTORiAL


Songwriting with Vocal Acapellas

SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 05 2019 | 745 MB

Detailed videos on songwriting with vocal acapellas! Learn how to take a vocal acapella, and create an entire production behind it, including editing the vocals, tuning them, writing the chords and other production elements, arrangement, mixing and much, much more. This series is shown in Logic Pro X, but anyone can benefit from the information and apply it to their own DAW. You also get the acapella tracks so you can follow along and write your own song. Eli welcomes you and lets you hear a before and after of the vocal acapella track, as well as the finished production that is built up throughout this series. He then goes right into it, showing you how to align the vocal tracks to your DAW tempo and grid, develop chord progressions for the different sections, and then tune and edit the vocals so they feel and sound right for the groove. Next, you’ll see how to get a beat going, add some keyboard sounds, and then hone in the kick, snare, hats and bass parts so they are supporting the vocals just right. The arrangement is then focused on, and you’ll discover how to support and enhance each section of the song, including adding in synth lead lines and more.

The always important transitions are then taken on, and Eli reveals how to make going from one section of the song to the next exciting, by building things up with reversed audio, snare rolls, pitch bend automation and other techniques. Mixing your masterpiece is then explained, and Eli guides you on how to use sub group processing, bus compression, granular effects and other tools to make the production sound great.

To see what these songwriting with vocal acapellas tutorials will teach you and how you’ll be able to take an acapella and build an arrangement around it, see the individual songwriting tutorial descriptions on this page. If you’re ready to write a song around a vocal acapella, this collection of songwriting videos are perfect for you. Create your first song around a vocal acapella now… watch “Songwriting with Vocal Acapellas” today!

Songwriting with Vocal Acapellas TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE


How to Write Melodies Full Course

P2P | 05.09.2019 | 10.37 GB

Do you have problems writing catchy Melodies? Then this Step by Step guide is for you! ✓ Write melodies. Starting with the basic concepts around melodies, you’ll learn how to come up with awesome melodies for your own music. ✓ Practical. This course is made for electronic music producers, offering many practial examples and writing sessions for different styles. ✓ Detailed. It’s like being together in the studio. We are commenting and explaining every step in detail so you can follow along.

What you are getting
✓ A complete beginner friendly online course, learn how to write your own awesome melodies
✓ 35+ video tutorials
✓ 4h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access
✓ 100+ MIDI Files included in basic course plan.

Who is it made for?
This course is designed for electronic music producers – we are going to take the perspective of someone working inside a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) – like Logic, Ableton Live, FL Studio. The course is for beginners but its also suitable for advanced learners of the subject as we go into great detail after our first “basics” block is covered.

What you will learn
Part 1: We are going to learn the basic concepts around melodies, making use of many examples.

Part 2: We will take a deeper look into scales and modes as starting points for more advanced and intentional melody writing. We will learn how to come up with great melodies, using different scales and modes, “that work” in your own compositions and make them sound more interesting and unique.

Part 3: You will find practical writing sessions for different styles such as Deep House, Future Bass, EDM, Summer Vibes, Progressive House and Melodic Deep / Techno.
Along the way, we are going through many nice sound examples and sharing a lot of our specific composition knowledge and experience.

How to Write Melodies Full Course TUTORiAL


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