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Afro Tribal Techno and Tech House WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Tribal Techno, Tribal, Techno, Tech House, Tech, House, Fantastic, Afro Tribal Techno, Afro Techno, Afro, 126 BPM

Afro Tribal Techno & Tech House

FANTASTiC | 31 May 2019 | 157 MB

Afro Tribal Techno & Tech-House is an 81 fantastic loops at 126 BPM. This is absolutely new product is prepared especially for those who want and throw to create tracks in electronic styles of modern music with the prefix AFRO & TRIBAL.  Based on experience for more than 10 years, we decided to start creating samples to inspire other producers.  At us, you will always hear fresh good rocking rhythms.  All our releases are guaranteed 100% royalty free, all the releases are recorded and mixed in professional 24-bit quality.

• 81 Loops WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit
• Genre: Techno / Tech House
• Size: 197 MB Zipped – 240 MB Unzipped.

Instrument Types:
• 22 Labeled Wet Afro Vocal Loops
• 20 Tribal Percussion Loops
• 10 Key Labeled Basses
• 10 Kick Loops

Afro Tribal Techno & Tech House WAV

Southern Rock MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 kontakt samples sounds aiff, WAV, Southern, Rock, REX, P2P, Multis, MULTiFORMAT, MAGNETRiXX, KONTAKT, Aiff

Southern Rock KONTAKT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 09 March 2013 | KONTAKT: 1.8 GB

P2P | 31 May 2019 | MULTiFORMAT: 6.21 GB

MULTiS: 1.42 GB | REX: 1.3 GB | AiFF: 1.73 GB | WAV: 1.76 GB

For those who have weathered the dusty trails of the Southern road, who have spit in the face of danger, and stared down the barrel of a .45 with nothing but an old guitar strapped to your back, Southern Rock gods, we salute you. Consume the raw, rebellious rise of southern pride with music with this Massive 8.7 GB (4.7 GB 24-Bit Wav files) Library. Legends like Lynyrd Skynrd, the Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels, the Marshall Tucker Band, and Molly Hatchet are given tribute to the revolution of rock that took on a southern style that was anything but soft. With explosions of furious fiddle playing, the detonating drums, and the growl of the guitar, this wild and untamed genre of music is yours to harness with a library of tracks straining to be let loose and run free with your creative hand at the reins.

– 12 Massive Construction Kits: Each Kit contains a demo mix, every element broken out with multiple song style sections and tons of variations
– Complete Live Played Multi Drums of each and every kit allows you to tweak to your hearts content. You get the entire recording session, every nuance and every detail right at your finger tips
– 923 WAV Loops
– 923 Apple Loops
– 956 REX Loops
– 714 Multi-Track Drum Loops

– 879 Total Kontakt Patches
– 15 Kit Combo Patches
– 860 Sliced Loop Patches
– 19 Single Instrument Patches

Instruments Include:
+ Electric Guitars
+ Electric 12 String
+ Acoustic Guitars
+ Drums (live played, complete multi track for every kit)
+ Percussion (tambourine, maracas, cowbell, bell-tree, hand-claps)
+ Electric Bass
+ Organs

Southern Rock MULTiFORMAT

Groove Metal WAV REX, wav rex2 samples sounds, WAV, REX, Nu Metal, Metalcore, Metal, Loops, Heavy Metal Loops, Heavy Metal Guitars, Heavy Metal, Groove, Fantastic, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, DNB, Darkcore, 140 BPM, 100 140 BPM, 100 BPM

Groove Metal WAV REX

FANTASTiC | 31 May 2019 | 2.18 GB

Groove Metal – an anarchic collection of the heaviest metal loops and sounds in town. Everything here has been turned up to eleven; from loud chugging guitars, dark driving bass to full crashing beats. All content is 100% royalty free, recorded in the famed Frontline studio and ideal for metal-heads and underground producers looking for some overdriven filth. Groove Metal comes in at a heavyweight 2.7GB of content with loops, multi-samples and sampler patches to shred large over your tracks. Featuring the ferocious intensity and sonic qualities you’d expect from thrash metal, Groove Metal slows the pace down, going in hard, while keeping its composure! Featuring expertly played Guitar and Bass loops and samples you’ll find the perfect sounds to emulate bands like Pantera, Exhorder, White Zombie, Fear Factory and Machine Head!

Expect over 1250 Loops with down-tuned thrash Guitars, distorted Bass, smashing Drums and a full-pelt collection of Bass Multi-Samples to trigger and play via the pre-formatted Sampler Patches. Each loop contains the tough, live, raw energy necessary to spark the mosh pit into a frenzy – played by expert session musicians with a piercing collection of hardware beef. You’ll find a beastly selection of drum loops and fills to bring some serious heat to the street! At tempos from 100-140BPM, Groove Metal is ideal for Metalcore, Nu Metal, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Darkcore and more! All musical content is key-labelled to ensure instant integration into your projects.

In detail expect to fine 2.70 GB of content with 1333 individual 24 Bit WAV files. There are 1252 loops in total with 406 Electric Bass Loops, 382 Electric Guitar Loops, 375 Live Drum Loops and 89 Live Drum Fill Loops.

•2.70 GB
•24Bit 44.1KHZ
•406 Electric Bass Loops
•382 Electric Guitar Loops
•375 Live Drum Loops
•89 Live Drum Fill Loops
•4 Bass Multis
•1263 Rex2 Files

Groove Metal WAV REX

Noire v1.1.0 KONTAKT SYNTHiC4TE FANTASTiC, kontakt samples sounds, SYNTHiC4TE, Piano, Noire, KONTAKT, Grand Piano, Grand, Fantastic

Noire v1.1.0 KONTAKT

SYNTHiC4TE | March 26 2019 | FULL: 14.4 GB

FANTASTiC | 28 May 2019 | UPDATE v1.1.0 WiN INSTALLER ONLY: 340 MB


NOIRE, a new Kontakt instrument that captures the signature grand piano sound. The instrument – which includes both pure and felt preparation versions of a Yamaha CFX 9’ concert grand – was meticulously sampled in the rich ambient environment of Saal 3 in Berlin’s Funkhaus recording complex. The result is a unique, intense, and evocative instrument, with an atmosphere all of its own. Two distinct sample sets – pure and felt NOIRE offers new sonic inspiration for solo compositions, scoring, and more, with two distinct grand piano sample sets.

Version 6.0.4 or higher

1.1.0 — 2019-05-22:
– ADDED 107 new snapshots in the new “Sound Design” and “Vintage” categories
– ADDED Reverb and delay on/off switches on the main page
– IMPROVED Controller page layout
– ADDED Native Browser Previews


Apocrypha I WAV SYNTHiC4TE, wav samples sounds, WAV, Trap, Tech House, SYNTHiC4TE, Electronica, Deep House, Deep, Apocrypha

Apocrypha I WAV

SYNTHiC4TE | May 30 2019 | 122 MB

Crafted in a state of art. Apocrypha I, is the first instalment of sample packs assembled by Aveiro. In this series, Aveiro is sharing his deepest secrets in the form of samples. From Deep & Tech House grooves to soothing Trap beats and Electronica, the “Revision” section is here to inspire you. On top of that, you will find live recorded greek instruments and signature sounds used in his productions

Apocrypha I WAV-SYNTHiC4TE

Rhythmic Noise WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Rhythmic, Noise, Fantastic, 122 BPM

Rhythmic Noise WAV

FANTASTiC | 30 May 2019 | 348 MB

Rhythmic Noise is specifically designed to fill the gaps between kicks, snares and other more abrasive sounds.  The elements contained in this pack can be used for transitions and tops, or drowned in reverb to create ambient textures.  White noise spans the frequency spectrum, meaning it can be used in any track written in any key.  This collection consists of 100 Rhythmic Noise textures rendered at 122 BPM, giving users a virtually endless range of tempo and time stretching possibilities for virtually any genre of music.  Experimenting and generating unique patterns is the name of the game with Rhythmic Noise.

Rhythmic Noise WAV

Sharked Future Bass WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Sharked, Future Pop, Future Bass, Future, Fantastic, Bass

Sharked Future Bass WAV

FANTASTiC | 30 May 2019 | 320 MB

‘Sharked Future Bass’ an expressive collection of sounds for fresh Future Bass music, featuring perky melodies and booming bass designed by Sharked. Provided for you 100% Royalty-Free by Sharked, this collection of colourful sounds will deliver that sleek Future Bass sound direct to your DAW. ‘Sharked Future Bass’ includes 300 MB of content with One Shots, Loops and Synths.  This pack is curated and hand-made craft making it ideal for Future Bass, Future Pop and other similar styles.  One-Shot Samples This pack also includes one-shot samples, allowing you to create new beats, fills and loops to complement the existing material.  Simply load them up into your sampler of choice and create an infinite number of new grooves and phrases.

Pack Details:
• 300+ MB of Content
• 100 Files in Total
• 71 One-Shots
• 29 Loops
• Key Labelled/Tempo Synced WAV Files
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit Quality
• 100% Royalty-Free

Sharked Future Bass WAV


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