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Create Progressive House in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, TUTORiAL, Progressive House, Progressive, Logic Pro X, House, Create

Progressive House in Logic Pro X

FANTASTiC | 30 August 2018 | 2.98 GB

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make music in the style of Axwell & Ingrosso? Do you want to create Progressive House music in Logic Pro X? Then this course is for you!  Logic Pro X Template is included for FREE! We will go over different producing techniques and subjects such as how to create an idea and getting to the creative mindset when producing music – something that can be really hard to fight when you are stuck in writers block or are simply out of any ideas. Arrangement, mixing and mastering are subjects that we are going to go through from scratch.

Learn everything from how to get an initial idea to Mixing & Mastering your track.
This course is going over everything from the start to finish. You will learn how to make music from an initial idea and how to take it from a 8-bar loop to a full completely finished track that is ready to go for being played in a club or on the radio. Instead of trying out different YouTube videos with different quick tips this course will give you a complete guide on how to make a Electronic Music track from start to finish.

I have produced Progressive House for 10+ Years and want to share my knowledge with you.
Since 2017 this course had over 4000 students. I like sharing my knowledge for music production with you instead of holding it for myself. I have been producing music since over 10+ yeas ago and have worked with both big and small music producers and artists here in Stockholm, Sweden.

This course includes:
•13 Videos & over 5h of content – All accessible at anytime at any device.
•Sample pack where all of the necessary samples are stored.
•Logic Pro X Project File (requires Logic Pro X 10.3 or later)

Create Progressive House in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL

ACiD Pro 8 Explained TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, TUTORiAL, Pro, Fantastic, Explained, ACiD Pro 8, ACID

ACiD Pro 8 Explained® TUTORiAL

FANTASTiC | 31 August 2018 | 403 MB

In this video tutorial series, DAW pro Gary Hiebner delivers a video collection designed for the new ACID Pro 8 user! Learn everything you need to know to get started with ACID Pro 8, all the way through exporting your first song for everyone to hear. Gary starts by welcoming you and then gives an introduction to ACID Pro, the outstanding features off the software, and the different versions available. You’ll then see how to install the program and its additional content, as well as setting up your audio device, making getting started a breeze. Next, Gary covers the important ACID Pro basics such as navigating the interface, adding audio clips to your project, recording audio to tracks, editing clips, clip properties, and using Chopper, the built-in audio editor which makes cutting and splicing your audio fast and fun.

Moving on you’ll explore topics like using the mixing console, adding audio effects to sculpt your sound, setting up and using send effects and bus sends, using the Essential FX Suite and Analog Modeling Track, and much more.

MIDI is up next and Gary shows you everything from the beginning, so you can create MIDI tracks and record to them and edit them till your heart’s content! He finishes up the video series with tutorials on the included instruments, installing 3rd party effects and instruments, using automation, and exporting out your song so you can release it into the wild.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re new to ACID Pro and want to get started fast, this is definitely the video collection to watch… Get “ACID Pro 8 Explained” today!

ACiD Pro 8 Explained TUTORiAL

Quick Start Guide Studio One 4 TUTORiAL SYNTHiC4TE, audio tutorials, TUTORiAL, SYNTHiC4TE, Studio One, Studio One 4, Start, Quick Start, Quick, Guide

Quick Start Guide Studio One 4

SYNTHiC4TE | August 30 2018 | 248 MB

Studio One 4 is PreSonus’ latest and greatest music production software. Get a thorough introduction to this powerful DAW in this quick start guide by trainer and producer! With its powerful audio and MIDI features and huge sound library, Studio One is certainly one of the best DAW available for musicians, songwriters and producers. This course, by Studio One expert Joshua Carney, is designed to show you how to start recording, arranging and mixing your songs with Studio One 4 as fast as possible. The course begins with an overview of Studio One where you learn how to set up your audio and MIDI devices, navigate the user interface, and create a new project. Step by step, Joshua explains everything you need to know to start recording, sharing lots of workflow tips and essential key commands along the way. You learn different ways to edit and quantize MIDI, how to record and fine-tune a vocal performance, how to record an electric guitar and get the exact tone you want, and more…

As you progress through the course, you discover how to create a full arrangement quickly using Markers, the Arranger Track and the Scratch Pad. And when your arrangement is ready, Joshua explains how to mix your song and export it for distribution.

Quick Start Guide Studio One 4 TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Make a Deep House Remix Track in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, TUTORiAL, Track, Remix Track, Remix, Make, Logic Pro X, House, Fantastic, Deep House, Deep, 128 BPM, 110 128 BPM, 110 BPM

Deep House Remix Track in Logic Pro X

FANTASTiC | 30 August 2018 | 1.35 GB

Do you want to create music that has the same quality as the big producers in the Deep House genre? Do you struggle to lay out ideas and to get inspiration quickly for your Deep House track? Are you running in to writers block easily these days? Then this course is for you! Welcome to this course where I will learn you how to create a Deep House Track in Logic Pro X. In this course – you will learn how to create a “modern” Deep House track fast and how to get ideas quickly. We will remix a popular track from Calvin Harris and remake it from scratch into a Deep House track. In just a few hours you will learn how to overcome writers block and arrange your track fast. I have produced electronic music ever since I met DJ’s like Avicii, Alesso or Otto Knows (they actually went to the same High School as me in Stockholm, Sweden) and that is for a long time – over 10 years now – and a few years ago I got to a point where I couldn’t get past writers block and I didn’t know what to produce anymore. The genre “Electronic Music” started to get generic and after a while the style got slower in tempo – from 128BPM to 110BPM and even slower. After trying to experiment with tempo and different style I became a lot more inspired to create music again.

A whole new world opened up to me.
I just wish that someone would tell me how to do these different tricks and how to experiment without thinking so much about whats wrong and what right. This course will help you a lot – take it as a guideline at the same time as creating a track that is “Modern”.

First we’re going over how to create an initial idea and just getting in to an creative stage where we just throw in different sounds that we like and without thinking about any rule at all. There is no rules when you are creative – that way it is easier to get your own unique sound instead of just copying every other producers music styles.

After that we are going to arrange our track and cleaning up the project. I like arranging my track as soon as I have a proper idea laid out in Logic Pro X. That way it is a lot easier to see what kind of sound you need to add in, like FX and different transitional elements to make your track stand out and sound professional as well as not sounding static and robotic – since this is electronic music.

When we are done creating our track and adding all sounds that we both need and that we want to have there we want to create a proper mixdown and master our track so it sounds great on every sound system there is. We want to have our track to sound great on both car stereos, our iPhone’s and on a big club sound system as well.

So let’s see you in the course :)

Make a Deep House Remix Track in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL

Dubstation 2 v2.0.4 RETAiL WiN MAC SYNTHiC4TE, x86 x64 windows vst3 plugins plugins vst macos plugins au for mac aax plugins, x86, x64, WiN, VST3, VST, SYNTHiC4TE, RETAIL, MAC, Dubstation, AU, AAX

Dubstation 2 v2.0.4 WiN MAC

SYNTHiC4TE | August 30 2018 | 16.1 MB


The original dub delay plugin and still the best! Dubstation 2 takes our most popular product and adds a whole raft of new features, including a dual mode for separate control over the left and right delay times, ping-pong, a new feedback saturation algorithm, and an LFO. Along with an all-new procedural and Retina-friendly user interface and (FINALLY!) ProTools compatibility, this represents a major leap forward for one of our signature products.  All those bells and whistles aside, the heart of Dubstation is our painstaking bucket-brigade delay model. Often imitated, but never duplicated, Dubstation has been the go-to plugin for that sound for over a decade, used in thousands of commercial productions, and with good reason. With the addition of the LFO and saturation controls, Dubstation has moved in to the realm of tape delay emulation as well, and is a sonic Swiss Army knife for delay.

Changes in v2.0.4:
– Fixed Windows scaling bug for HiDpi-capable hosts (Notably FL Studio)
– Added “Width” control; this controls the stereo width of the wet signal. At 100% the left and right delays are hard-panned (original topology); at 0% they are centered, making the wet signal effectively monophonic.

Dubstation 2 v2.0.4 RETAiL WiN MAC-SYNTHiC4TE

Looperator v1.0.x WiN MAC R2R, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti plugins vst plugins rtas macos plugins au for mac aax plugins, WiN, R2R, NEW YEAR, MAC, Looperator, HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAPPY

Looperator v1.0.x WiN MAC

Team R2R | Jan 01 2015 | WiN v1.0.1: 43 MB | MAC v1.0.2: 68 MB

Looperator makes designing subtle rhythmic enhancements to spectacular effect pyrotechnics easy and fun: Its expressive potential quickly approaches the character of an “instrument”. Like all our software, we developed Looperator with operational fluidity at the top of the agenda. The deep parameters allow for intense technical performances, while the casual user can enjoy instant DJ-like fun. Either way, the audience will be equally fascinated. The dynamics and depth emanating from our new multi-effect is sure to touch every fan of modern music. Build a looping effects sequence, with discrete settings for each of Looperator’s stunning engines, then bring everything to life using the comprehensive modulation system on a per-step basis.

Slice and stutter
Rearrange your groove! Chop the input signal into 16 slices and freely assign them to each step on the Slice track, then rhythmically stutter selected steps on the Loop track, and work in some funky volume modulation, bitcrushing and sample rate reduction using the Envelope track.

Flexible filters
– The filters provide per-step frequency shaping of the left and right channels independently.
– Based on all-new algorithms;
– low, high, and band-pass;
– 12 and 24dB/octave slopes;
– comb filter and band reject models;
– powerful vowel formant filters;
– optimized for lively talkbox-style sounds.

Multi-effects galore
– Each of the two User FX modules deliver dynamic effects sequencing via a rich and varied line-up of high-quality processors:
– Scratch, brake and timestretch your loops with Vinyl;
– Transform with Distortion, Grain, Comb Filter and Tonalizer;
– polish them up with Reverb, Delay and Phaser;
– layer in synthesized sounds with Chaos Synth.

User steps
– Each sequencer track offers 20 ready-made step options – Loop patterns, Envelope shapes, Filter modes and slopes, FX presets, etc. – selected by simply clicking a step and making your choice from the panel that pops up. Much of the time, you won’t need to go any further than that, but when you do, the four user-defined steps also available to each track give you full and precise control of five parameters per effect.

Motion and modulation
– Every User step configuration features five adjustable parameters:
each automated using a simple knob, a Randomizer, an Envelope Follower or one of 20 modulation curves with adjustable start and end points. When it comes to animating your Looperator
effects sequences, the possibilities are literally endless! Fast, fluid workflow Keyboard shortcuts, extensive MIDI integration and efficient mouse handling support productivity across the device. From creating tied steps by Shift+clicking, to reordering the signal path by simply dragging sequencer tracks up and down, Looperator’s snappy workflow keeps up with even the fastest-moving producer.

Looperator v1.0.x WiN MAC-R2R

Trap Apocalypse ACiD WAV MiDi AiFF FLP AUDiOSTRiKE, wav presets patches patterns midi flp fl studio samples aiff acid, WAV, Trap, MIDI, FLP, AUDIOSTRiKE, Apocalypse, Aiff, ACID

Trap Apocalypse

AUDiOSTRiKE | 29/12/2014 | 524 MB


‘Trap Apocalypse’  is a fierce collection of five Construction Kits including elements influenced by some of the top Dirty South and Trap artists and producers on the scene. Inspired by Lex Luger, Mike Will, Yung Chop, Drumma Boi, Lil Way…  Tempos range from 65 to 74 BPM and included are all the separate drum tracks for perfect drum loop mixing, individual drum hits and must-have elements to build a solid Dirty South track, like pianos, synths, strings, FX, choirs, vox, and more!

• MIDI & FL Studio
• 500 MB of content
• 145 individual loops and samples
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit audio quality



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